The Woolsey Fire and the nearby Hill Fire, which started within 30 minutes of each other forced the evacuation of nearly 300,000 residents from their homes in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. At least two deaths have been blamed on the fires, which have scorched approximately 100,000 acres, and destroyed more than 150 homes.

Since the fires the Conejo Compassion Coalition has been providing emergency relief for families who lost their homes as they struggle to meet the needs of daily living and transition from emergency care to more permanent living arrangements.   

“Thank you so much for the help you’re giving to my family in this difficult time.  All I can say with all my heart is God bless Conejo Compassion Coalition.”

Received from family who lost their home in Woolsey Fire

As we transition out of the relief phase of this disaster, the need of survivors begin to change and the focus shifts from meeting immediate needs to long term recovery efforts.  The Conejo Compassion Coalition is responding to these changing needs by aligning our efforts with the Long Term Disaster Recovery Groups in the Ventura and Los Angeles County Area to identify and help meet the changing needs of affected families and individuals.   Through collaboration with other agencies supporting the recovery efforts we can make more effective use of our resources by not duplicating efforts and services.