The Conejo Compassion Coalition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation serving poor and needy people at home and throughout the world.  We seek and engage local, national and international relief needs that may be overlooked or underserved by government agencies and larger charities.

In helping the Conejo Compassion Coalition, you don’t become a name in a donor database. Your “time, talent and treasure” make an immediate impact.  Please contact us regarding opportunities to serve on our advisory board or committees, or to join us on one of our mission trips in support of our current projects.


Our Mission is to heal a broken world,  one person, one community,

one village at a time.

Our vision is of a world where hunger is the exception rather than the rule, where people no longer suffer and die from preventable and treatable diseases, and where poverty no longer robs people and nations of their right to a sustainable lifestyle.

We envision a world where people of every locality and nation are united in the cause of justice for the poor and are committed to work and pray for the time when all peoples may enjoy a seat at the table of life.

Our members have provided relief and assistance to disaster victims and to the poor and underpriveleged in the following locations: Southern California, Texas, New Orleans, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Malawi, Haiti and Uganda.